The Life of Saint Francis by Thomas of Celano - 194 

he knew that the action of the man of God, which he had personally observed, contained a mystery. After this he became Ps 30:11 [Vulgate, Ps 29:11] his helper. Col 3:12 Cherishing and comforting him, he embraced him in the depths of charity.

Now he wrestles naked with the naked.
After putting aside all that is of the world,
he is mindful only of divine justice.a
Now he is eager to despise his own life,
by setting aside all concern for it.
there might be peace for him,
a poor man on a hemmed-in path,
and only the wall of the flesh would separate him
from the vision of God.

Chapter VII

16 He who once enjoyed wearing scarlet robes now traveled about half-clothed. Once while he was singing praises to the Lord in French in a certain forest, thieves suddenly attacked him.b When they savagely demanded who he was, the man of God answered confidently and forcefully: "I am the herald of the great King! What is it to you?" They beat him and threw him into a ditch filled with deep snow, saying: "Lie there, you stupid herald of God!" After they left, he rolled about to and fro, shook the snow off himself and jumped out of the ditch. Exhilarated with great joy, he began in a loud voice to make the woods resound with praises to the Creator of all.




Vita Prima, Fontes Franciscani, p. 290-291

et facta viri Dei quae praesentialiter viderat, cognovit mysterium continere. 5Factus est propterea deinceps adiutor eius, et fovens ipsum atque confortans, amplexatus est eum in visceribus charitatis.

iam nudus cum nudo luctatur,
et depositis omnibus quae sunt mundi,
solius divinae iustitiae memoratur.
7Studet iam sic propriam contemnere vitam,
omnem pro illa sollicitudinem deponendo,
ut sibi pauperi pax esset
in obsessa via,
et solus carnis panes ipsum
a divina visione interim separaret.

Caput VII — Qualiter a latronibus captus, proiectus fuit in nive et quomodo servivit leprosis.

161Iam enim cum semicinctiis involutus pergeret, qui quondam scarulaticis utebatur, et per quamdam silvam laudes Domino lingua francigena decantaret, latrones super eum subito irruerunt.2Quibus ferali animo eum, quis esset, interrogantibus, confidenter vir Dei plena voce respondit dicens: « Praeco sum magni Regis a! Quid ad vos? ».3At illi percutientes eum, in defosso loco pleno magnis nivibus proiecerunt dicentes: « Iace, rustice praeco Dei! ».4Ipse vero se huc atque illuc revolvens, nive a se discussa, illis recedentibus, se fovea exsilivit, et magno exhilaratus gaudio, coepit alta voce per nemora laudes Creatori omnium personare.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 194