The Life of Saint Francis by Julian of Speyer - 381 

spirit, Ps 51:12 [Vulgate, Ps 50:12] he warned them not to mistrust his or their own simplicity, and he comforted them in the Lord, Eph 6:10 as those who were to be spread abroad to the ends of the earth.a

19 At that time, another man was added Gn 35:29 to them, and their number was brought to eight.b Then, calling them all together and pairing them two-by-two to send them forth into the diverse parts of the world, the saint kindly and earnestly explained many things to them about the reign of God Acts 1:3 and contempt of the world and of self. Among other things, he especially instructed them about patience and humility. The humble flock rejoiced at the voice of the shepherd, and, gladly submitting to him, humbly prostrated themselves at his feet to receive the mandate of saving obedience. Their most kind shepherd raised them up and kissed each of them as affectionately as a mother embraces her sons,c and strengthened each of them with the words of the prophet: Cast your cares upon the Lord and he will sustain you. Ps 55:23 [Vulgate, Ps 54:23] He frequently pronounced this word whenever he sent anyone forth. Thus, he wished to direct the brothers to cast their cares on God and took care to close the false and fruitless way of cupidity to them. He provided them not with an extra coin in their belts, Mk 6:8 but with a heart free of worry for tomorrow.

20 The six of them went in pairs into various regions to announce peace with penance. He himself, however, went to another part of the world, keeping one of them with him. But, his fatherly affection did not allow the absence of this new offspring to be prolonged, and not much later he began to be moved by a great desire to see them. Therefore, he sought his usual refuge of prayer in order to obtain what he desired. He so merited a hearing from the Lord, that in a short time they were unexpectedly and miraculously gathered into one. Jn 11:52 Having been brought together in this manner, it was not surprising that the pious father rejoiced in his sons. They, too, rejoiced in the joy of their father; equally marveling and rejoicing, they glorified with one heart the magnificence of the Savior. He told them, in his turn, how the Lord fulfilled his desire. Ps 127:5 [Vulgate, Ps 126:5] They, too, told of the benefits God bestowed on them, and humbly accused themselves of any instances of ingratitude.




Iuliani de Spira Officium Sancti Francisci, Fontes Franciscani, p.

5spirituque nimirum totaliter innovatus, nec de ipsorum nec de sua eos simplicitate diffidere monuit, sed veluti usque ad fines orbis multipliciter dilatandos in Domino confortavit.

19 1Eo tempore appositus est eis vir alius, et sic octonarius ipsorum completus est numerus. 2Tunc sanctus, ad se convocans universos et ad mittendum in diversas mundi partes binos binosque confoederans, plura illis de regno Dei, de mundi suique contemptu dulciter et intente proposuit, et inter alia praecipue de patientia et humilitate praecepit. 3Gaudet igitur grex humilis ad vocem pastoris, et ad recipiendum salutaris obedientiae mandatum gratanter obtemperans, ad pedes eius humiliter se provolvit. 4Quos ipse pastor benignissimus erigens et affectuose veluti filios mater amplectens, singulos ad oscula suscipit, 5singulos illo prophetico sermone communit: « Iacta cogitatum tuum in Domino, et ipse te enutriet »; hoc verbum frequenter, quoscumque mittebat pronuntians. 6sic omnem fratrum sollicitudinem in Deum dirigere voluit, sic erroneam illis et interminam cupiditatis viam praecludere procuravit, sic et in zonis aes pro crastino cor prorsus a curis extraneum non providit.

20 1Igitur sex illorum binis in diversas regiones ad pacem cum poenitentia nuntiandam divisis, ipse quoque in aliam mundi partem, uno secum retento, secessit. 2Sed paternus affectus absentiam novae prolis non sustinens prorogari, coepit ad videndum eos non multo post affici desiderio vehementi. 3Quaesivit ergo, ad obtinendum quod concupierat, orationis consuetae refugium; et sic a Domino meruit exaudiri, ut in brevi omnes improvise et mirabiliter congregarentur in unum . 4Quibus taliter adunatis, non mirum si pius pater iucundabatur, in filiis. 5Congratulabantur quoque filii gaudio patris, mirantesque pariter et laetantes glorificabant unanimiter magnificentiam Salvatoris. 6Referebat ille quo ordine desiderium suum Dominus adimpleverat; illi quoque beneficia sibi divinitus impensa narrabant, et humiliter de omnibus semetipsos ingratitudinis arguebant.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 381