Historia Occidentalis - 585 

from their city; they would have killed them, if God had not miraculously protected them.

16 Such is the holy Order of Lesser Brothers, a religious way of life which should be admired and imitated. These are the men whom, we believe, the Lord has raised up in these last days to oppose the son of perdition, the Antichrist, and his unclean henchmen. Surrounding the litter of Solomon as valiant soldiers of Christ and going from gate to gate Is 62:6 with swords, they are posted as watchmen upon the walls Jer 48:10 of Jerusalem. For day and night they do not cease to express their divine praises and holy exhortations. Courageously they lift up their voice like a trumpet liberating the nations and rebuking the people; they do not withhold their swords from bloodshed: slaughtering and devouring, they go round about the city suffering hunger like dogs. Ps 59:7 [Vulgate, Ps 58:7] Is 58:1 They are like the salt of the earth, Mt 5:13 transforming its food into the sweet nourishment of salvation: they preserve the meat, removing the decay of worms and the stench of vices. They are like the light of the world, illuminating many towards the knowledge of truth, inflaming and enkindling many to the fervor of chastity. Mt 5:14

17 However, this Order of perfection and the extent of its spacious cloister do not seem to be suitable for the weak and imperfect; these, in fact, going down to the seas in ships and trading on the mighty waters, Ps 107:23 [Vulgate, Ps 106:23] might well be overcome by the waves, if they do not first stay in the city until they are clothed with power from on high. Lk 24:49 a

Sermon I to the Lesser Brothers (1229/40)

Apparently disappointed with the situation in the Near East, Jacques traveled to Europe on an embassy in 1225 but never returned to his see, engaging in various activities as an auxiliary to the bishop of Liège. Gregory IX finally accepted his resignation as bishop of Acre in 1228, but in 1229 called him to Rome, where he was made Cardinal Bishop of Frascati (Tusculum). Jacques served as a key advisor in the Papal court until his death in May, 1240.b
During these years as a Cardinal at the Curia, he preached two sermons to assemblies of brothers, probably at chapters. Jacques had great renown as a




Historia Occidentalis, Historia occidentalis, p. 158-163

et, nisi deus mirabiliter protegeret, pene trucidantes, de ciuitatibus suis expellunt.

Hic est fratrum minorum sanctus ordo et apostolicorum uirorum ammiranda et imitanda religio, quos dominum contra perditionis filium antichristurn et eius prophanos discipulos credimus in diebus nouissimis suscitasse. Qui lectulum Salomonis tamquam fortes Christi milites ambiendo et de porta ad portam cum gladiis transeundo, super muros Iherusalem constituti sunt custodes. Diebus ac noctibus a diuinis laudibus et sanctis exhortationibus non cessantes, uocem suam quasi tuba in fortitudine exaltantes, facientes uindictam in nationibus, increpationes in populis, et gladios suos non prohibentes a sanguine, mactantes et manducantes, circumeuntes ciuitatem, et famem patientes ut canes, qui tarnquam sal terre cibos suauitatis et salutis condientes, carnes desiccant, uermium putredinem et uitiorum fetorem amouentes, et tamquam lux mundi multos ad scientiam ueritatis illuminant et ad feruorem castitatis accendunt et inflammant.

Hic autem perfectionis ordo et spatiosi claustri amplitudo infirmis et imperfectis congruere non uidetur, ne forte descendentes mare in nauibus et facientes operationem in aquis multis fluctibus procellosis inuoluantur, nisi sederint in ciuitate donec induantur uirtute ex alto.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 585