Papal Documents - 568 

into the sight of the Lord by their own hands, as he was soon to join their angelic company.

5 But not wishing to benefit only himself by remaining on the mountain, clinging to Rachel’s embraces alone, that is to a contemplation that is beautiful but sterile, he came down to Leah’s forbidden bedchamber, to lead his flock, now fertile with twins, to the interior of the desert to seek the pastures of life. Sg 4:2 a There, where the manna of heaven refreshes by its sweetness, and separated from the din of worldly concerns, he scattered his seed with many tears so that he might carry his sheaves rejoicing Ps 126:6 [Vulgate, Ps 125:6] into the storehouse of eternity. Thus he would be placed with the princes of his people, Ps 113:8 [Vulgate, Ps 112:8] and crowned with the crown of righteousness. 2 Tm 4:8

Certainly, he did not seek his own interests, but those of Christ, serving him zealously like an industrious bee. Like the morning star among the clouds, like the full moon in its days, like the sun shining on Phil 2:21 the Church of God, b he took into his hands a lamp to attract the humble to grace with the example of his shining deeds, and a trumpet to recall the shameless from their baneful excesses by striking fear into them with his stern reproaches.
In this way, impelled by the virtue of charity, he rushed fearlessly into the camp of the Midianites, those who were contemptuously disregarding the teaching of the church. With the help of the one whose authority encompassed the entire world even while enclosed in the womb of the Virgin, Francis took away the weapons on which the strong man relied while guarding his house, dividing the spoils which he had seized and leading his captivity captive, submitting it to Jesus Christ.

6 Therefore, having overcome even while here on earth the three-fold enemy, he entered the kingdom of heaven violently, taking it by force. Mt 11:12 After many glorious combats in this life and triumphing over the world, he passed happily to the Lord. He, who was knowingly ignorant and wisely unlearned, entered before many who were endowed with knowledge.




Mira circa nos, Bullarium Franciscanum, p. BFr 1, p. 42-44

aromata devotarum orationum obtulit super eo per manus Angelicas in conspectu Domini deferenda, Concivis Angelicus mox futurus.

4 Nè vero sibi soli proficeret in monte tantummodò Rachel amplexibus inhaerendo, contemplationi pulchrae quidem, sed sterili, ad Liae interdictum descendit cubiculum, minaturus gregem gemellis foetibus foecundatum ad interiora deserti pro vitae pascuis perquirendis, ut illic, ubi manna coelestis dulcedinis reficit a Saecularium strepitu segregatos, cum lacrymarum effusione semina sua mittens, cum exultatione manipulos ad aeternitatis horrea reportaret cum populi sui Principibus collocandus, corona justitiae coronatus.

Qui nimirum non quae sua sunt, quaerens, sed potius quae sunt Christi, & eidem velut apis argumentosa deserviens, nec non quasi Stella matutina in medio nebulae, ac quasi Luna plena in diebus suis; & sicut Sol in Ecclesia Dei fulgens lampadem, & tubam in manus assumpsit, ut lucentium operum documentis humiles attraheret ad gratiam, & protervos a noxiis retraheret excessibus dura increpatione terrendo. Ac sic virtute charitatis afflatus, in castra Madianitarum Ecclesiae judicium declinantium per contemptum, eo juvante, qui dum virginali utero clauderetur, Mundum suo circuibat imperio universum, intrepidus irruit; & abstulit arma, in quibus confidebat fortis armatus atrium suum custodiens; & distribuit spolia, quae tenebat; ejusque captivitatem captivam reduxit in obsequium Jesu Christi.

5 Hoste itaque triplici in Terra positus superato, Regno Coelorum vim intulit, & illud rapuit violenter, & post hujus vitae quamplura gloriosa certamina, mundum triumphans feliciter migravit ad Dominum multos praeveniens scientia praeditos scienter nescius, & sapienter indoctus.

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 568