Other Chronicles and References - 600 

keeping quiet and ceasing all their chirping, those birds did not move from the spot for the space of half a day, but remained intent on the words of the man of God, never turning their gaze away from the face of the preacher.

This remarkable incident was soon discovered by the Roman citizens and by those entering and leaving the city, and when this was repeated for three days by the man of God when he called the birds together, the clergy, together with a crowd of people, went out and with great veneration led the man of God back into the city. And then by the oil of his supplicatory preaching, hearts that had been fruitless and consistently hardened were softened and changed for the better.

9 As a result, the fame of his name began to be so spread throughout all of Italy, that many nobles, following his example, left the world with its vices and concupiscences and subjected themselves to his leadership. In a short time this Order of Preachers increased throughout the world: dwelling in cities and towns in groups of seven or ten, they went forth during the days, preaching the word of life throughout the villages and parish churches, planting young shoots of virtue among the field laborers, and even bringing forth much fruit from usurers. It was not only among the faithful that they scattered the seed of the word of God and the dew of heavenly doctrine, but they also went among the Gentile nations and those of the Saracens, bearing testimony to the truth, and by this means many of these brothers attained the glory of martyrdom.

10 The concourse of people at the death of this celebrated brother.

At length, after this friend of God, Francis, had with his brothers preached the Gospel of peace for many years in the city of Rome and in its environs, thus returning the talent entrusted to him by the Lord with multiple interest, like a good money-lender does for his investor, the hour came for him to pass from this world to Christ and to receive as a reward from his labors the crown of life which God has promised to those who love Him.

11 And so on the fifteenth day before his death there appeared wounds on his hands and feet, which continually emitted blood, just as had appeared in the Savior of the world as he hung on the Cross when he was crucified by the Jews. His right side also seemed to be laid open and so besprinkled with blood so that even the intimate secrets of his heart were plainly visible. And what else? A great crowd of people




Rerum Britannicarum--, Rerum Britannicarum..., p. no. 84, vol. 2, 35-36, 328-333

et facto silentio, omnique garritu deposito, per dimidium diei spatium verbis viri Dei intendentes de loco non sunt motae, sed semper intuebantur faciem praedicantis.

Haec autem res admirabilis cum a civibus Romanis simul et ab intrantibus urbem et exeuntibus comperta fuisset, et per triduum a viro Dei idipsum avibus convocatis replicatum exstitisset, exierunt de civitate clerus cum populo multo introducentes hominem Dei cum veneratione magna in urbem, quorum deinceps corda infructuosa et pertinaciter obdurata oleo praedicationis emolliens in melius commutavit.

Coepit itaque celebre nomen ejus per universos Italiae fines ita dilatari, quod multi nobiles ipsius exemplum secuti, relicto seculo cum vitiis et concupiscentiis ejus, sese magisterio subdiderunt. Crevit igitur in brevi hic ordo fratrum praedictorum per orbem universum, qui, in urbibus habitantes et castellis, deni et septeni exierunt in diebus illis, per villas et ecclesias parochiales verbum vitae praedicantes, et turbis agrestibus virtutum plantaria inserentes fructum plurimum cum usuris etiam Domino obtulerunt; nec solum inter fideles semen verbi Dei et rorem doctrinae caelestis consperserunt, verum etiam ad gentilium regiones et Saracenorum nationes se conferentes perhibuerunt testimonium veritati, inter quos etiam multi ex eis ad martyrii gloriam pervenerunt.

De concursu populorum ad obitum fratris saepe dicti.

Tandem vero, cum amicus Dei Franciscus in urbe Roma simul et terris adjacentibus cum fratribus suis per annos multos evangelium pacis praedicasset, et talentum a Domino sibi creditum, ut foenerator optimus, cum usuris multiplicibus suo largitori restituisset, venit hora ejus, ut transiret ex hoc mundo ad Christum, et pro mercede laborum suorum acciperet coronam vitae, quam Deus se diligentibus repromisit.

Itaque quinto decimo die ante exitum suum de corpore apparuerunt vulnera in manibus ejus et pedibus sanguinem jugiter emittentia, sicut in mundi Salvatore in ligno pendente apparuerant cum crucifigeretur a Judaeis. Latus quoque ejus dextrum adeo apertum et cruore respersum apparuit, ut etiam secreta cordis intima perspicua viderentur. Quid ergo? factus est ad eum concursus hominum utriusque sexus rem tam insolitam admirantium;

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