Chroniclers of the Fifth Crusade - 609 

The History of the Emperor Eracles (1229/31)

Still another continuation of the Chronicle of William of Tyre is an anonymous Old French work known by its opening words. It does not mention Francis’s visit to the Sultan but is interesting in that it does tell us how long Francis remained in Egypt, the reason for his departure, and the fact that he spent some time in Syria afterwards.

That man, who began the Order of Lesser Brothers—a brother called Brother Francis—who was later made a saint and officially raised to that dignity, so that we call him Saint Francis, came to the army at Damietta. He accomplished many good things and remained until the capture of the distressed. For that reason, he left there and stayed for a space of time in Syria, and from there he returned to his country.



The History of the Emperor Eracles, Biblioteca Biobibliografica della Terra Santa, p. 14

The History of the Emperor Eracles (1229/31)27

Cil hom, qui comenca l'ordre des Freres Menors, si ot nom frere Frere Francois, qui puis saintefia et fu mis en auctorité, si que l'en l'apele saint Francois, vint en l'oste de Damiate, et i fist moult de bien, et demora tant que la vile fu prise. Il vit le mal et le pechè qui comenca a creistre entre les gens de 1' ost, si li desplot, por quoi il s'en parti et fu une piece en Surie, et puis s'en rala en son pais».

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 1, p. 609