The Versified Life of Saint Francis (after 1283) - 95 

Therefore, the sign of the cross eventually made on him,
The man who was shriveled and languid arose on the spot,
Healed, in sound condition and, applauding: "I'm cured," said he.
And just like the sound dry twigs make if you were to break them,
So sounded his bones, once the sign of the cross had been made.
Not long afterwards the wretched man returning to his ways,
To vices and impurities exposed his body,
On a certain evening he had a meal in the dwelling
Of a certain canon. But it was while he slept there at night
That the roof of the house suddenly collapsed on everyone.
The others escaped with their lives, only that guilty one,
Surprised by wreck, died and paid with death an evil life's debts.
By the judgment of God, worse than the first state of this man
Was his last Mt 12:45 state of all. Thus the faith word of the saint
And the rigor of God's justice were shown in his relapse.
The thankless pardoned are more liable wrath to incur,
And crimes repeated are the greater offence to the Lord.

Noble was she and afire with zeal for saving her soul,
This lady that to Francis came and complained, that to her
Her husband was harsh and impeding her serving the Lord.
Upset over this, she had come to him her pain to unfold,
So that at the holy man's prayers God might deign to soften
His heart and turn it to good. Francis said to the lady:

"You may go and peace go with you, be confident and assured
That with all speed your spouse's encouragement will be yours.
"You are to tell him on my behalf that the hour of goodwill
Is here and now, later comes the time of redress." Then blessed
By the holy man the woman, leaving, brought to her husband
The message. He at once, smitten with compunction of heart,
Gently replied: "My lady, your wish seems good that you and I
Pursue our saving." This he said, and carried out his word.
And for long were they living chastely when, united in heart,
They departed the same day, their lot being a happy end:
Thus a salutary deed portends and procures salvation.

While Francis was at one time in the city of Siena,
A man of religion, who was skilled in divinity,
Came seeking to know from him secrets that lay in the future.
The holy man disclosed all he sought, and at the same time
By whom and what kind of death would be inflicted on the man.
It was something else he said that confirmed what was to come:
A scruple the man had never told anyone of, Francis made known
To him, astounded as he was, and curing him checked it;




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 95