The Versified Life of Saint Francis (after 1283) - 87 

113Of his tribulations.
This manawas leading Martha's life at first, then that of Mary, Lk 10:42
Spouse to Leah in action, in contemplation to Rachel.
But in the end, cleaving totally to the better part, Lk 10:42
Inwardly he surged to heavenly things so intensely
That his external bodily functioning was suspended
Oftentimes, and he remained utterly unresponsive;
Totally absorbed in the Lord was the spirit of the man.

There was then in Assisi a priest called Sylvester, hating
What Francis and his brothers stood for, who was won over thus
By a vision. In apparition he saw a dragon huge
And black, that laid siege to the whole city of Assisi.
It was so big that, if any danger were to threaten it,
It would bring vast destruction upon the entire region.
Thereupon there was seen as it were coming forth from the mouth
Of Francis a cross of brilliant gold: the cross's upper part
Touched the skies, and its arms the boundaries of the world.
When he had thrice seen this, deeming it a divine presage,
He reported it and, following the saint, became himself
A holy man, an outstanding mirror of the perfect life.
Consequently the cross of life, doctrine's voice, rout our foe;
These were the things that by Francis were renewed in the world.

113After another joined those above, a sixth to arms
Had recourse, it was Brother Philip; on his very entry
He was to undergo a total inward transformation,
From layman to doctor. The Divine Doctor teaching him
Sacred Scripture's secret words and teaches
116Things he has never studied. All whose hearts he warms, whose ears

133His ranks. In all-out pleading,
And while over sins committed he prayed the longer,
With this wonderful besprinkling of heavenly sweetness,
Revealed to him was the full remission of his every fault.
Also restored to him was the confidence to go on.
At length is completed the prayer that pierces
134the heavens, and his simple soul gazes on God present to him.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 87