The Little Flowers of Saint Francis (after 1337) - 653 

To the praise of Jesus Christ
and the little poor man Francis.

Chapter 51

At the time when Brother James of Fallerone, a man of great holiness, was seriously ill in the place at Mogliano, in the Custody of Fermo, Brother John of La Verna, who was then staying in the place at Massa, hearing of his illness, because he loved him as his dear father, began praying for him, asking God devoutly in mental prayer to restore the health of his body, if that were best for his soul. And while he was praying devoutly, he was rapt into ecstasy and he saw in the air above his cell, which was in the woods, a great army of angels and saints, with such splendor that the whole area around him was illuminated. And among these angels he saw this sick brother for whom he was praying, standing in bright and shining white clothing. He also saw among them the blessed Father Saint Francis adorned with the sacred Stigmata of Christ and great glory. He also saw there and recognized the holy Brother Lucido and Brother Matteo the Elder of Monte Rubbiano, and other brothers whom he had never seen or known in this life. And as Brother John was looking with great delight at that blessed troop of saints, it was revealed to him with certainty the salvation of the soul of that sick brother, and that he would die from that illness, but not immediately, and that he would go to Paradise, though it was better for him to purify himself a little in Purgatory. The same Brother John had great joy at that revelation, over the salvation of the soul, which felt nothing of the death of the body, and with great sweetness of spirit he called out to him within himself: "Brother Giacomo, my sweet father! Brother Giacomo, my sweet brother! Brother Giacomo, most faithful servant and friend of God! Brother Giacomo, companion of the angels and member of the blessed!" And in this certainty and joy he returned to himself, and he immediately departed from the place and went to visit the same Brother Giacomo at Mogliano.

And finding him so gravely ill that he could hardly speak, he announced to him the death of the body and the salvation and glory of the soul, according to the certainty he had received by divine revelation. Brother James received him with happiness in his spirit and on his face, with great joy and a cheerful laugh, thanking him for the




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