The Little Flowers of Saint Francis (after 1337) - 643 

man and a great friend of this Brother John. Brother Matteo came to him on the seventh day of his tribulation, greeted him and asked him how he was. He replied that he was bad, because he was damned. Then Brother Matteo said: "Don't you remember that you frequently made your confession to me, and I absolved you fully from all your sins? Don't you even remember that you've constantly served God for many years in this holy Order? Furthermore, don't you remember that the mercy of God exceeds all the sins of the world, and that the blessed Christ our Savior paid an infinite price to redeem us? You should have good hope because you surely are saved." And as this was said, because the time of his purgation was finished, the temptation left and consolation arrived.

And with great joy Brother John said to Brother Matteo: "Since you are tired and the hour is late, I beg you to go and rest." Brother Matteo did not want to leave him but finally, after he insisted, left him and went to rest. And Brother John remained alone with the brother who was serving him. But then the blessed Christ came to him with great splendor and a most sweet fragrance, just as he had promised to appear to him again when he had the greatest need. And He healed him completely of all his illnesses. Then Brother John, with hands joined and giving thanks to God, with a fine ending completed his great journey in this present miserable life, and entrusted his soul into the hands of Christ and returned it to God, passing from this mortal life to eternal life with the blessed Christ, whom he had desired and waited to see for such a long time. And that Brother John rests in the place of Penna di San Giovanni.

To the praise of Jesus Christ
and the little poor man Francis.

Chapter 46

In that same Province of the March, after the death of Saint Francis, there were two brothers in the Order: one was named Brother Umile and the other was named Brother Pacifico; and they were men of the greatest holiness and perfection. The former, that is, Brother Umile, was in the place at Soffiano, and he died there; and the latter was in the family at another place at some distance. As it pleased




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