The Little Flowers of Saint Francis (after 1337) - 640 

blessed glory; but Saint Francis appeared dressed in clothing more beautiful than Saint John's. As Brother Peter was completely startled by this vision, Saint John comforted him and said to him: "Do not fear, dearest Brother, because we have come to console you and clear up your doubt for you. So you should know that the Mother of Christ and I more than any creature suffered over the Passion of Christ; but after us Saint Francis felt greater suffering than any other; and therefore you see him in such glory." And Brother Peter asked him: "Most Holy Apostle of Christ, why does the clothing of Saint Francis appear more beautiful than yours?" Saint John replied: "The reason is this: because when he was in the world he wore more vile clothing than mine." After saying these words, Saint John gave to Brother Peter a glorious robe that he held in his hand and said to him: "Take this robe, which I have brought to give to you." And as Saint John wanted to dress him in that robe, Brother Peter fell to the ground, startled, and began to cry out: "Brother Conrad, Brother Conrad, quick, help me, come and see amazing things!" And at these words, that holy vision disappeared. When Brother Conrad arrived, he told him everything in detail, and they gave thanks to God.

To the praise of Jesus Christ
and the little poor man Francis.

Chapter 45

When Brother John of Penna was still a schoolboy in the Province of the March, a very beautiful boy called to him one night and said: "John, go to Santo Stefano, where one of my brothers is preaching. Pay attention to his words and have confidence in his teaching, for I have sent him there. Afterwards you have to take a long journey and then you will come to me." On hearing this, he immediately got up and felt a great change in his soul. Going to Santo Stefano, he found a great crowd of men and women who were there to hear the sermon. And the one who was to preach was a brother named Brother Philip, who was one of the first brothers to come to the March of Ancona, when there were still only a few places that had been taken in the March. This Brother Philip climbed up to preach, and he preached very devoutly, not in words of human wisdom, but with the power of the Holy Spirit of Christ, proclaiming the kingdom of




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 640