The Little Flowers of Saint Francis (after 1337) - 637 

time, the Archangel Saint Michael departed, leaving him greatly comforted.

In the time of this holy Brother Peter, there was the holy Brother Conrad of Offida, who together with him was in the family at the place of Forano in the custody of Ancona. That same Brother Conrad one day went into the woods to contemplate about God, and Brother Peter followed him secretly to see what would happen to him. And Brother Conrad began to put himself at prayer, praying very devoutly to the Virgin Mary that with great mercy she would acquire for him this grace from her blessed Son: that he could feel a little of that sweetness which Saint Simeon felt the day of the Purification when he held in his arms the blessed Savior Jesus. When this prayer was finished, the merciful Virgin Mary granted it; the Queen of heaven appeared with her blessed Son in her arms, with a very bright light. Drawing near Brother Conrad she placed in his arms that blessed Son, and he took Him, embracing Him most devoutly, kissing Him, and hugging Him to his breast, and he was completely consumed and dissolved in divine love and unspeakable consolation. And in a similar way Brother Peter, who saw everything from his hiding place, felt in his soul the greatest sweetness and consolation. And as the Virgin Mary departed from Brother Conrad, Brother Peter hurried to return to the place so he would not be seen by him. But when Brother Conrad returned, all happy and glad, Brother Peter said: "O heavenly brother, you've had a great consolation today!" Brother Conrad said to him: "What do you mean, Brother Peter? What do you know about what I received?" Brother Peter said: "I know, I know very well: the Virgin Mary with her blessed Son visited you." Then Brother Conrad asked him not to tell anyone, because he was a truly humble man and hoped to keep the graces of God secret. And there was such love between these two from that time on that it seemed in all things there was one heart and one soul between them. Acts 4:32

And one time the same Brother Conrad, in the place at Sirolo, by means of his prayers freed a woman possessed by a demon, praying for her all night long and appearing to her mother; and in the morning he fled so as not to be found and honored by the people.

To the praise of Jesus Christ
and the little poor man Francis.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 637