The Little Flowers of Saint Francis (after 1337) - 636 

Saint Francis and the world with their example and teaching. Among others the first were Brother Lucido the Elder, who was truly lucid, shining in his holiness and burning Jn 5:35 with divine love; and his glorious tongue, guided by the Holy Spirit, produced wonderful fruit in preaching.

Another was Brother Bentivoglia of San Severino, whom Brother Masseo of San Severino saw lifted up in the air for a long time while he was praying in the woods. Because of this miracle, the devout Brother Masseo, who was then a parish priest, gave up his parish and became a Lesser Brother; and he was a man of such holiness that he performed many miracles in life and after death, and his body now rests at Marro. That same Brother Bentivoglia was staying alone at Trave Bonanti to care for and serve a leper; and being commanded by the Prelate to depart from there and go to another place, which was fifteen miles away, and not wishing to abandon that leper, with great fervor of charity he took him and put him on his shoulders and carried him from dawn until sunrise the whole way, fifteen miles, to that other place where he had been sent, called Monte Sancino. If he had been an eagle, he could not have flown on that journey in such a short time. And there was great amazement and wonder at this miracle in that whole town.

Another was Brother Peter of Monticello, whom Brother Servadeo of Urbino, who was at that time Guardian in the old place at Ancona, saw lifted up bodily from the ground five or six arm-lengths, to the feet of the crucifix of the church, in front of which he was praying. And this Brother Peter was fasting once for the Lent of Saint Michael the Archangel with great devotion, and on the last day of that Lent, as he stayed in the church at prayer, he was heard by a young brother, who had hidden himself under the high altar to see some act of his holiness, and he heard him speak with Saint Michael the Archangel, and these were the words they said. Saint Michael said: "Brother Peter, you have labored faithfully for me and have afflicted your body in many ways. I have come to console you, so you may ask me for any grace you wish, and I will ask God for this grace for you." Brother Peter replied: "O most holy Prince of the heavenly army and most faithful zealot of divine love, and merciful protector of souls, I ask you for this grace, that you beg God for me the pardon of all my sins." Saint Michael responded: "Ask for another grace, for I will obtain this one for you very easily." But Brother Peter would not ask for anything else, so the Archangel concluded: "Because of the confidence and devotion you have toward me, I will procure for you this grace which you ask and many others." When they ended their conversation, which lasted a long




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 636