The Little Flowers of Saint Francis (after 1337) - 601 

more brightly than the others?" They responded: "Those are Saint Francis and Saint Anthony, and that last one you saw so greatly honored is a holy brother who just died. Because he fought valiantly against temptations and persevered to the end, we are leading him with triumph to the glory of Paradise. These robes of beautiful cloth which we wear were given to us by God in exchange for the harsh tunics which we patiently wore in the Religion. The glorious brightness which you see in us was given to us by God for the humility and patience, holy poverty and obedience and chastity which we observed to the end. Therefore, dear son, do not let the wearing of such a fruitful thing as the tunic of the Religion be hard for you, because if, with the tunic of Saint Francis, for the love of Christ you despise the world and mortify the flesh and fight courageously against the demon, you will have, together with us, a similar robe and the brightness of glory." When these words ended, the youth returned to himself and, comforted by this vision, he drove away from himself every temptation. He acknowledged his fault before the Guardian and the brothers, and from then on he longed for the harshness of penance and of clothing, and he finished his life within the Order in great holiness.

To the praise of Jesus Christ and the little poor man Francis.

Chapter 21

At the time that Saint Francis was staying in the city of Gubbio, in the district of Gubbio there appeared a very big wolf, fearsome and ferocious, which devoured not only animals but even human beings, so that all the citizens were in great fear, because many times he came near the city. All would go armed when they went out of the city as if they were going to combat, yet with all this, those who were alone and encountered him could not defend themselves from him. And out of fear of this wolf it came to the point that no one dared to leave that town.

For this reason Saint Francis had compassion on the people of the town, and decided to go out to this wolf, even though all the citizens advised against it. Making the sign of the most holy cross, he went out of the town, he and his companions, placing all his confidence in




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 601