The Little Flowers of Saint Francis (after 1337) - 574 

The same day, at the same hour when that Angel departed, he appeared in that same form to Brother Bernard, who was returning from Saint James and was on the bank of a great river. He greeted him in his own language, saying: "Iddio ti dia pace, o buono frate." Nm 6:26 And good Brother Bernard was very surprised, considering the beauty of the young man and the speech of his homeland; and with a peaceful greeting and a happy expression asked him: "Where do you come from, good young man?" The Angel replied: "I come from that place where Saint Francis is staying, and I went to talk with him and could not, because he was in the woods contemplating divine things, and I didn't want to disturb him. And in that place dwell Brother Masseo and Brother Giles and Brother Elias. And Brother Masseo taught me how to knock on the door as the brothers do. But Brother Elias didn't want to answer the question I posed to him; then he regretted it and wished to hear me and see me and couldn't." After these words the Angel said to Brother Bernard: "Why don't you cross over there?" Brother Bernard replied: "I'm afraid of the danger of the deep water I see." The Angel said: "Let's cross together; don't doubt." And taking his hand, in the blink of an eye he placed him on the other side of the river. Then Brother Bernard understood that he was the Angel of God, and with great reverence and joy said out loud: "O Blessed Angel of God, tell me your name." The Angel replied: "Why do you ask my name, which is 'wonderful'?" And having said this, the Angel disappeared and left Brother Bernard much consoled, so much so that he continued along that whole journey in joy. And he considered the day and the hour that the Angel appeared to him, and, reaching the place where Saint Francis was staying with the companions mentioned above, he recounted everything to them in detail. And they understood with certainty that that same Angel, on that same day and at that hour, had appeared to them and to him. And they gave thanks to God.

To the praise of Jesus Christ
and the little poor man Francis.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 574