The Kinship of Saint Francis - 733 

[Chapter IX]


40 Lastly, he was in many ways like Christ in performing miracles. For just as Christ had complete power in heaven and on earth, so we see Francis as receiving power from Christ over all creatures. For, as I speak of the first of the four elements and their arrangement, he had power over fire, because he frequently tempered its heat. Even the weather obeyed his pleasure, because its assaults, that is, storms and hail, frequently stopped at his command. Water also appeared to be completely subject to his power: for Christ changed water into wine, and even gave water the power to cleanse the soul by a touch of his most pure flesh. So too Francis, by the water used for washing his hands and feet, drove away animal diseases; frequently, at his command, a stone or a jar produced water in abundance, providing the desired health by divine power alone.a




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 733