The Kinship of Saint Francis - 696 

asserted he would not leave until he had seen the boy. When the maid told Lady Pica, the mother of blessed Francis, she ordered her to show him the child as the pilgrim had said. When she had done this, the pilgrim took him in his arms, and said joyfully and devoutly to the maid: "Today two children were born in this neighborhood, one of whom, this one, will be among the better of the world, the other among the worst."a This is clear to all about Francis; many bear witness about the other.b

8a Just as Christ had many hermits and anchorites, so Francis established many hermitages in which he wanted some to live the life of Martha, and others that of Mary. Therefore he wrote statutes for those hermitages: Let those who wish to stay in hermitages in a religious way be three brothers or, at the most, four; let two of these be "the mother" and have two "sons" or at least one. Let the two who are "mothers" keep the life of Martha and the two "sons" the life of Mary and let them have one enclosure in which each one may have his cell in which he may pray and sleep. And let them always recite compline of the day immediately after sunset and strive to maintain silence, recite their hours, rise for matins, and seek first the kingdom of God and His justice. And let them recite prime at the proper hour and, after terce, they may end their silence, speak with and go to their mothers. And when it pleases them, they can beg alms from them as poor little ones out of love of the Lord God. And afterward let them recite sext, none and, at the proper hour, vespers. And they may not permit anyone to enter or eat in the enclosure where they dwell. Let those brothers who are the "mothers" strive to stay far from everyone and, because of obedience to their minister, protect their "sons" from everyone so that no one can speak with them. And those "sons" may not talk with anyone except with their "mothers"




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 696