The Kinship of Saint Francis - 694 

true, he names in the last place Brother William.a We read that he alone was interred in Assisi among blessed Francis's companions, who are eight in number and, with him, nine.b

In the place of Mathias, by lot, he shone with so many miracles, that some, because of him, were not being attracted to Saint Francis. Because of this, Brother Elias, who was then the general, went to the grave of Brother William and ordered him under obedience not to overshadow the fame of Saint Francis. From then on, he performed no miracles.c


[Saint Paul] [Saint Anthony]


6o Just as, after the death of Christ, Paul was taken to be an apostle, so too, in a certain way, was Christ's blessed confessor, Anthony. For they both agree in name, for Paul is called os tube [the mouth of the trumpet], while Anthony is called alte tonans [high sounding].d As the former was the greatest preacher among the apostles, so was the latter among all the brother-companions of that time and after him. As Paul spoke of himself as preaching Christ Jesus crucified, so Anthony was preaching on the inscription on the cross when blessed Francis at Arles showed him worthy of that office. As Paul spread his teaching widely, so did Saint Anthony: as he in many ways by word and example enlightened Spain, overseas regions, Bologna, and all of Italy, Provence, Burgundy, and Aquitaine.e


[Saint Barnabas] [Brother Conrad]


6p But another of Francis's disciples shining among all of them with Saint Anthony like another Barnabas was Brother Conrad of Offida of renowned holiness.f He can well be called precisely Barnabas, which is interpreted filius consolationis [son of consolation].g For once, while praying to the blessed Virgin that she would obtain for him the ability to feel something of that consolation that Simeon felt




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 694