The Kinship of Saint Francis - 682 

as if they were receiving the Apostles of Christ because of that earlier prophecy.a

4c Another of Christ's confessors, Saint Dominic, also revealed more clearly in an earlier divine oracle the reform to be accomplished by him and Saint Francis when he recognized him in Rome without anyone pointing him out.b

4d Lady Pica also, the mother of Saint Francis, foretold the wonderful renovation of his life, as will be shown more clearly in chapter seven in the treatise De Liberalitate.c

4e Even Lord Innocent the Third foretold that he would be a support of the Church that was falling into ruin because of an earlier vision he had that the Lateran Basilica was near ruin and understood that it was being supported by some little poor and looked down upon person.

4f Brother Elias, the holy Father's companion, informed by heaven, clearly foretold the time of his death two years before the saint's passing.

4g And Brother Pacifico in a vision foresaw him, while he was praying, being raised to the throne of Lucifer and preached this to others.

Saint Francis was also seen to have a precursor, as Christ once had. For there was a certain simple and devout man of Assisi, whom, it is believed, God had forewarned before blessed Francis's conversion. Whenever he met him, he would take off his cloak and spread the garment under his feet, as if to show that God had sent him in advance, to prepare the paths of the most holy Francis. Doing this, therefore, he would publicly show that Francis was worthy of every respect, since he was destined to do great things in the near future and would be magnificently honored by the entire body of the faithful.


[A portrait of Jesus Christ is placed here]d [A portrait of Saint Francis is placed here]




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 682