The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 535 

2 Therefore, when in this Mass he devoutly raised on high the most holy Body of Christ, offering It to God the Father praying that, for the love of Him who hung upon the Cross, He mercifully free the souls, created and redeemed by Him, from their prison, he saw an almost infinite number of souls leave purgatory, like a multitude of sparks from a lighted furnace. He saw them soaring toward their heavenly homeland because of the merits of Christ who for the salvation of the human race hung upon the Cross, and is offered daily in that most sacred host for the living and the dead: who is God and blessed man, light and life, redeemer and justification, and eternal sanctification, Who is blessed forever. Rom 1:25



1 At the time when Brother James of Falerone, a holy man, was ill in the place at Mogliano of the Custody of Fermo in the Province of the Marches, Brother John of La Verna prayed to the Lord God for Brother James, who was gravely ill, in mental prayer and with heartfelt desire because he loved Brother James as a father.

2 While he was attentively praying, he fell into ecstasy and with great clarity he saw in the air above his cell, which was in the woods, a host of angels and saints. There was such light there that the whole surrounding area glowed.

3 Among the angels and saints he saw the sick brother for whom he was praying, standing there, very handsome and resplendent in white robes. He also saw there our blessed Father Francis marked with the sacred Stigmata and shining with a marvelous glory. He saw and recognized holy Brother Lucido and Brother Matteo the Elder of Monte Rubbiano, and many other brothers whom he had never seen in this life, who together with many saints shone with similar glory. And while he was watching all this, it was revealed to him that the sick brother was certainly saved and that in this sickness he would pass over to God: but that he would not immediately go to heaven because he had to be purged for a little while.

6 Brother John who saw all this rejoiced so much in the salvation and glory of that brother that in sweetness of spirit he would




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 535