The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 506 

the holy Father, he was changed completely for the better. Saint Francis said to him: "Go, my son, and make your confession. Do not neglect your usual dedication to prayer, and know for certain that this temptation will be of great usefulness and consolation to you, as you will experience very soon."

18 Brother Rufino returned to his cell in the woods to pray. While he was standing there, praying with many tears, the ancient enemy arrived impersonating Christ and said: "Brother Rufino, didn't I tell you not to believe the son of Pietro Bernardone? And that because you're damned, you shouldn't wear yourself out with prayers and tears? What good is it to you, if you afflict yourself while you're alive, and when you die, you're damned?" Brother Rufino immediately replied: "Apri la bocca mo te caco."

20 Then the devil, outraged, left in such a great storm and falling of rocks on Mount Subasio that for a long time a great mass of rocks kept sliding, and that frightening rock-slide is still visible.a And even in the valley the rocks of the mountain gave off a great number of sparks as they collided with each other. Startled by this terrifying roar of rocks, Saint Francis and his companions came outside the place to see this strange event. Then Brother Rufino definitely recognized that the enemy had deceived him. So he then went to Saint Francis a second time and prostrating himself on the ground, he again acknowledged his fault. Then, comforted by Saint Francis, he returned to complete peace.

23 Afterwards when Brother Rufino was praying there and shedding many tears, the blessed Christ suddenly appeared to him and melted his whole soul with divine love: "You did well, my son, to believe Brother Francis, because the one who made you sad was the devil. I am Christ, your Master; and in order to convince you of this completely, let this be a sign to you: while you are in this world, you will never be sad again." Christ blessed Brother Rufino and sent him off in such happiness, sweetness of spirit and with such an uplifted mind that he was absorbed in God day and night. From that time on, he was confirmed in such grace and blessing and assurance of eternal salvation that he was completely renewed, another man. He was confirmed in such uplifting of mind and perseverance in prayer that he would have stayed constantly within a small circle night and day, contemplating the things of God if no one stopped him.b Therefore,




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 506