The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 501 

9 For Brother Pellegrino never wished to be a cleric, and he remained lay, though he was well-educated, an expert in Canon law. Because of his humility he arrived at the greatest perfection of virtue, particularly at the grace of compunction and love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Burning with the love of Christ and inflamed by desire for martyrdom he went to Jerusalem to visit the most sacred places of the Savior, carrying with him the Book of the Gospels.

12 As he viewed the holy places where God and humans had walked, and touched them with his feet and observed them with his eyes, he bowed over to pray to God. He embraced those most holy places with the arms of faith, kissed them with the lips of love, and watered them all with tears of devotion, so that he moved all who saw him to the greatest devotion. However, as arranged by divine plans, he returned to Italy and, as a true Pellegrino,a a pilgrim of the world and citizen of the heavenly kingdom, he very rarely visited his noble relatives. But he encouraged them to despise the world, and by speaking to them seriously urged them to love God, and then he would leave them promptly and quickly, saying that Christ Jesus, who makes the soul noble, is not found among relatives and acquaintances. Lk 2:44

15 Brother Bernard, the first-born of his most holy Father Francis, had this one remarkable thing to say about this Brother Pellegrino: that Brother Pellegrino was one of the most perfect brothers of this world. He was indeed a true pilgrim: for the love of Christ which always burned in his heart did not permit him to find rest in any created thing, nor to fix his affection on anything passing, but always to push on toward his homeland, to long for his homeland and to rise from virtue to virtue until the lover is transformed into the beloved. Finally, filled with virtue, he passed to Christ whom he loved with all his heart, and, with many miracles before and after his death, he rested in peace.

To the praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.


1 Brother Riccerio, companion of that same Brother Pellegrino on earth and now a fellow citizen with him in heaven, while he lived




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 501