The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 495 

many other regions, multiplying the servants of our Lord Jesus Christ everywhere.

3 As he was passing through Monte Casale, a town in the district of Borgo San Sepolcro,a he received there a young noble man from Borgo. He came to Saint Francis and said to him: "Father, I would gladly become your brother." Saint Francis replied: "My son, you are young, refined, and noble. You might not be able to endure our poverty and austerity." But he said: "Father, aren't you human beings like me? You are like me and you endure it, so I'm able to endure it, too, with God's help!" This answer pleased Saint Francis very much. He immediately received him, blessed him, and named him Brother Angelo. He conducted himself so graciously that a little later Saint Francis made him guardian in the place of Monte Casale.b

7 In those days there were three famous robbers who committed many crimes all around. One day these robbers came to that place and asked Brother Angelo, the guardian, to provide them with food. But the guardian rebuked them with a sharp reproof, saying: "You thieves! Savage murderers! You're not ashamed to steal what others work for, and now you're even bold enough to try devouring alms given to the servants of God! You don't deserve to have the ground hold you up! You respect no one and you despise the God who created you. So go, mind your own business and never come back here again!" They were very upset and left, deeply offended. But that same day Saint Francis returned to that place from begging with a companion, carrying a sack of bread and a small jug of wine. When Brother Angelo told him how he had driven away those men, Saint Francis rebuked him severely, saying that he had acted wickedly, because sinners are brought back more easily by sweet kindness than by cruel rebukes. "For even Christ, our master, whose Gospel we promised to observe, said: 'It is not the healthy who need a doctor but the sick,' and 'I have not come to call the Just, but sinners,' and therefore he frequently ate with sinners. Therefore, since you acted against charity and contrary to the example of the blessed Christ, I command you under obedience. Go immediately, take this sack of bread and jug of wine which I received, and search carefully throughout the mountains and valleys until you find those robbers. Then on my behalf you will present all this bread and wine to them. Then you will get down




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 495