The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 492 

Francis appeared, the guards would quickly bring them to him. At that very time, blessed Francis appeared to two of his brothers and ordered them to go without delay to the Sultan and carefully see to his salvation as he had promised him. The brothers devoutly fulfilled this command. Crossing the sea, they were led to the Sultan by those lookouts. When he saw them, the Sultan was filled with great joy, Mt 2:10 and said: "Now I truly know that the Lord sent his servants. Just as Saint Francis promised, by the Lord's revelation, he has kindly sent these brothers to me for my salvation." From these brothers the Sultan received instruction in the faith and holy baptism. Reborn in this illness, his soul was saved through the merits of the holy father and he passed to eternal happiness in the Lord.a

To the praise and glory of the Lord.


1 While he was still living in this miserable and mournful world our blessed father Francis, illuminated by the Holy Spirit, always strove with all his strength to imitate the footprints of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, just as Christ himself deigned to become a pilgrim, so blessed Francis showed himself and his Order to be pilgrims. Even in the Rule he had it written that all his brothers should serve the Lord in this world as pilgrims and strangers. Moreover, just as Christ came not only to serve lepers, cleansing and healing them in body, but also to die for them, cleansing and sanctifying them in soul, so blessed Francis, wishing to be conformed to Christ, served the lepers with deep feeling, bringing them food, washing their decaying limbs, cleaning their clothes, and beyond this, hurrying fervently to kiss them. He also ordered the brothers of his Order in the various places of the world, for the love of Christ who for us willed to be considered as a leper, should devotedly serve lepers wherever they might be. The brothers as true sons of holy obedience willingly did this.

6 It happened that in a particular place where they were serving lepers, there was one leper so malignant, impatient, and unruly, that no one doubted that he was being driven by an evil spirit, for the Spirit of God moves the soul to everything wholesome, and the evil




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 492