The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 472 

men and they might be getting bad example. So, I think that we'd do well to leave here and all return to Saint Mary of the Angels because it's not good for us to stay here among lay people." Saint Francis replied to the one who told him this: "Dear brother, you know that already two years ago, while we were staying in Foligno, the Lord revealed to you the end of my life. Moreover, he has revealed to me that in a few days, that is, in this illness, that end would come. And in this revelation God assured me of the remission of all my sins and the blessedness of paradise.a Until that revelation I wept over my death and my sins. But after that revelation was made to me, I am filled with such joy that I can't weep anymore; I'm living in joy all the time. That's why I sing and I will keep singing to God Who has given me the gifts Ps 13:6 [Vulgate, Ps 12:6] of grace and assured me of the gifts of the glory of paradise. But I do agree that we should leave this place. But prepare yourself to carry me, because I'm so weak I can't walk."

10 Carrying him in their arms, those brothers together with a large escort set out for Saint Mary of the Angels. But when they reached the hospital that is on the way there,b Saint Francis asked if he was there yet: his eyes were clouded over from penance and his earlier weeping and he was not able to see clearly.

12 When he learned that he was at the hospital, he had himself put down on the ground and said: "Turn me toward Assisi." Standing in the road with his face turned toward Assisi, he blessed it with many blessings: "May you be blessed by God, because through you many souls will be saved; in you many servants of the Most High will dwell; and from you many will be chosen for the eternal kingdom." After he said these words, he had himself carried as before.

14 When he reached Saint Mary and was set down in the infirmary, he called one of his companions and said to him: "Dear brother, God has revealed to me that in this illness I will die on such-and-such a day, and you know that Lady Jacoba of Settesoli, who is devoted and very dear to our Order, will be inconsolably grieved if she were to learn of my death and were not present.c So that she is not upset, let's notify her that if she wishes to see me alive, she should come to Assisi immediately." The brother answered: "You're right, Father, because with the great devotion she has for you, it would not be right at all if she were not present at your death."




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 472