The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 466 

the holy Father said: "My dearest brothers, give thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, because he was pleased to scatter heavenly treasures through the mouths of the simple: He who opens the mouths of infants and mutes, makes the tongues of the simple most wise and eloquent."

To the praise of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who is blessed forever.


1 While Clare, the blessed spouse of Christ, was still living, Francis, the servant of the Most High God, when he stayed in Assisi, frequently visited her with his words of sacred encouragement.a Several times she asked blessed Francis to give her this consolation: that they eat a meal together once. Saint Francis, however, always refused to do this. So the companions of the holy Father, pondering Saint Clare's desire, said to blessed Francis: "Father, it seems to us that such rigidity is not in accordance with divine charity, that you do not heed blessed Clare, such a sacred virgin, beloved by God; especially since it was at your preaching that she left the pomp of the world. So can't she eat some food even once with you? But were she asking a greater favor of you, you would have to grant it to your little plant!" Blessed Francis responded: "You think I should heed this desire of hers?" The companions said: "Yes, Father; she is worthy of this consolation, which you should give her." Saint Francis answered: "Since this pleases you, then it seems that way to me. But, for her to be consoled more fully, I wish this to happen at Saint Mary of the Angels. She has stayed enclosed at San Damiano for a long time, so she'll be rather happy to see the place of Saint Mary again, where she was tonsured and became the spouse of the Lord Jesus Christ. There in the name of the Lord we will eat together."

8 So the day was set for her to come out with a companion and, with the companions of the holy father escorting her, Blessed Clare come to Saint Mary of the Angels. After humble and reverent adoration of the most blessed Mother of God, and, out of devotion, a tour all around the place, it was time to eat. The humble and divine Francis, as he often used to do, had the table prepared on the bare ground.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 466