The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 465 

the Lord. Brother Masseo answered that he had received nothing. Saint Francis then told Brother Masseo how Blessed Peter and Blessed Paul appeared to him and revealed those words of consolation mentioned above. Both of them were filled with such great joy and happiness over this that they forgot about going to France, as they had originally planned. Instead, they hurried back to the valley of Spoleto where this heavenly and angelic way was to begin.

To the praise of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


1 When he wished to speak about God and the salvation of the soul, our most holy Father Francis cast all his thinking on the blessed Christ and set all his striving and desire, his way of praying and speaking and acting according to Christ's good pleasure for himself and his companions. One time, he and his holy and apostolic companions were meeting in a certain place at the beginning of his conversion when they were still few. The kind father, sitting among such blessed sons, in a fervor of spirit ordered one of them in the name of the Lord to open his mouth and say about God whatever the Holy Spirit brought to him. But as he began obediently without any delay, the Holy Spirit burst out with amazing words, and the holy Father told this first one to be silent, and ordered another in the name of the Lord's instruction to open his mouth. This brother obeyed, by the grace of God proclaiming the mighty works of God, when Saint Francis imposed silence on this second one as with the first. He then ordered a third son to break out in praise of the Lord Jesus Christ. Following the example of those before him, this third one, complying in humble obedience, brought to light such wonderful, hidden depths of the divine secrets that no one doubted that the Holy Spirit was speaking through him and the others.

6 As these vessels, simple saints, one by one poured out the fragrant balm of divine grace, speaking honeyed words about divine things at the command of the holy Father, suddenly our Lord Jesus Christ appeared in their midst in the form of a very handsome young man, blessing all with such sweetness of grace that both the holy Father and all the others were enraptured. They lay as if dead, sensing absolutely nothing of this world. As they returned to themselves,




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 465