The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 461 

you're now thinking, because they are good and useful for you and inspired by the Lord. As for that earlier grumbling you were doing, it's blind and evil and proud, planted in your mind by the devil." Brother Masseo was amazed at hearing this, and he clearly realized that Francis knew what was hidden in his heart; and, even more, understood with certainty that the Spirit of divine wisdom guided the holy Father in all his actions.

To the praise of our Lord and the glory of Jesus Christ.
Thanks be to God.


1 Blessed Francis wished to humble Brother Masseo so that the many gifts granted by the Most High might increase from virtue to virtue. The holy Father was staying in a solitary place with those truly holy first companions, among them brother Masseo.b Saint Francis said to all of them gathered together: "O Brother Masseo, all these companions of yours have the grace of praying and contemplating, but you have the gift of the word of God to people's satisfaction. Therefore, I want you take care of the door, the alms and the kitchen so that these companions of yours can spend time in prayer and contemplation. When the brothers are eating you will eat outside the entrance door, so that before visitors knock at the door, you can satisfy them with some good words, so that no one will have to go outside except you. Do this by merit of saving obedience."

2 Brother Masseo immediately bowed his head, pulled back his capuche and humbly obeyed, and for several days took care of the door, the alms and the kitchen. His companions, however, like most people enlightened by God, began to feel a great conflict deep in their hearts, since Brother Masseo was a man of great perfection and prayer as much as they were, and even more; yet the whole burden of that place had been placed on him. For this reason they asked the holy Father to distribute those duties among them, because their consciences could never bear that this brother was subjected to so many burdens. Besides, they would keep feeling unprepared in




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 461