The Deeds of Blessed Francis & His Companions (1328-1337) - 460 

Masseo replied: "Towards Siena." Then Saint Francis said: "That's the way God wants us to go." And as they went their way Brother Masseo was really wondering about all this: that Francis made him act like a child and had him twirling around in front of lay people passing by. But out of reverence he did not dare to say anything to the holy Father. As they neared Siena and the people of the city heard of the saint's arrival, they came out to meet him and carried both Francis and his companion, dangling in such a way that their feet never touched the ground, all the way to the bishop's residence.

11 At that very moment some people of Siena were fighting one another and two people had already been killed. Blessed Francis got up and preached in such a divine and holy way that he led them all back to peace and great harmony. Because of this admirable and amazing deed the Bishop invited Saint Francis and received him with great thanks and honor. But the next day, in the morning, Saint Francis, who was truly humble and sought only the glory of God in his deeds, got up early and with his companion left without saying goodbye to the bishop.

14 Because of this Brother Masseo was walking the road, muttering to himself: "What is this good man doing? He made me twirl around like a child, and he didn't say a single good word to the bishop who showed him such honor, or even thank him." And it seemed to him that all these things showed a lack of discernment. Finally, at God's pleasure he turned back to his heart and corrected himself very severely: "Brother Masseo, you're really being proud! You're judging God's works! You're worthy of hell, rebelling against God with your proud discernment. On this journey such holy deeds were done through Brother Francis that even if an angel of God had done them, they wouldn't have been any more amazing. So even if he tells you to throw rocks, you should obey! For everything he accomplished on this journey succeeded by a divine plan, and that's clear from the final result, which was excellent. If he had not led those who were fighting back to peace, not only would the sword have destroyed the bodies of many—and that had already begun—but, even worse, the pit of hell would have consumed the souls of many people; the devil would see to that. So, you're a complete fool and a proud one to grumble about things which clearly come from the will of God."

20 These are the things Brother Masseo was saying to himself as he walked along at a little distance in front of Saint Francis. But Saint Francis was enlightened by the divine Spirit and to whom everything is uncovered and open, and called out behind Brother Masseo, exposing those secret thoughts of his heart: "Hold on to the things




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 460