The Book of Chronicles (Prologue and the First Tribulation) - 391 

and kept it upright by his strength.a And the next day Saint Francis, instructed by the spirit of Christ, presented before the pope a parable about a poor and beautiful woman who conceived and bore sons resembling the king; and she raised them in the desert. Some time later, passing through the area again, the king recognized them as his offspring, placed them at his table, and made them heirs and kings of his kingdom.

251 The Supreme Pontiff understood that what he was asking came from Christ and not from man, and giving thanks to God, granted his requests, and by his authority made them preachers of the Gospel, and promised in the future that if they asked for something he would do it generously and graciously.

[Angelic Prophecies]

254 After the Rule was confirmed and they were returning, meal time had passed, and they were weak and exhausted from the labor of their journey, and far away from the homes of any people. Suddenly a handsome youth joined them on the road, and offered them his bread which he brought with him, and he discussed many things with them about the perfection of the evangelical life of Christ. With the power of his words he inflamed them with a great burning of charity, and their minds were overcome with astonishment at the wonder of his words. He immediately disappeared in an amazing way, and left them enkindled with the life-giving love of Christ.

259 They all realized at the same moment that it had been an angel of God who offered them the bread. Restored both in spirit and in body, they gave great thanks to God for His gift and kindness. In fervor of spirit they knelt together, lifting their feelings and hearts to Him, and they promised and swore not to shrink from the promise of holy poverty under the pressure of any need or tribulation. They had understood by God's providence and the angelic words that God has greater care for their bodies and souls than a mother has for her child, in fact, even more than He has for heaven and earth; and that it is impossible for God not to provide His servants with what is useful and needed for the body; not to hear the prayers of the poor, and not to fulfill the holy desires which He alone inspires. For He Himself said: "I will not desert you, nor forsake you," and "Do not be afraid, little flock, because it has pleased my Father to grant you the kingdom; how much more the necessities of life."




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 391