Miscellaneous Franciscan Sources - 819 

Later Rule II 5: ". . . let the ministers speak to them the words of the holy Gospel that they go and sell all they have and take care to give it to the poor."

The stories of the minister wanting to keep his books and the novice asking for a psalter appear throughout the earlier texts.a This is the only time that it appears in this broader context of entrance into the Order after having given away all of one's possessions.

Now he answered with great fervor of spirit, according to what he received from God, both to Brother Riccerio and to Brother Masseo and to the minister wanting to have his permission to keep the books which he had, and to the novice who asked him to have a psalter for spiritual comfort by his consent. . . .

Later Rule III 2: ". they may have breviaries."

There is no other reference to this practice during the Chapter of Mats.

Now at the time of Saint Francis up to five thousand brothers gathered at Assisi in a General Chapter, and they placed the breviaries they used in a certain cupboard or wooden box, and none of them took back the breviary he put in, but took the first one his hand touched, even if more battered from use and one of the poorer breviaries, especially exulting in that which was more in keeping with the poverty promised.

Later Rule III 1: "Let the clerical [brothers] recite the Divine Office according to the rite of the Roman Church excepting the psalter. . ."

This episode, absent from the earlier texts, reflects Francis's Testament 31 punishing those who may want to change the manner of celebrating the Divine Office. Clareno immediately follows the story with another that took place in the papal court at Avignon, thus accentuating the same tendency plaguing the brothers over a period of time.

Now when the brothers asked Pope Gregory, who loved the Order very much, for a privilege about this, he, for their own edification and




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 819