Miscellaneous Franciscan Sources - 801 

alive, who used to be the cook in a place where Saint Francis was staying with a few brothers. When Saint Francis sat down at table, he used to pour ashes or cold water or something else like that over his food, making it virtually tasteless. This used to upset this brother very much, so one day he said to the blessed Francis: "Look, father, I work hard to prepare a good meal so that you might find a little enjoyment, and you ruin it right away, which makes me feel very bad." The saint responded: "You do well, and you will have your reward with God. You do what you should with a good intention; but I too do with a good intention what I think I should do."a

134 At the time of Saint Francis, when the divine goodness laid the first foundation of our Order, one of the brothers was tempted to return to the world. So he approached Saint Francis and began to ask him to release him from the bond of religion, for he could in no way remain in the Order. But when the blessed Francis said that he was both unwilling and unable to grant his request, he approached the Lord of Ostia but met the same response. Seeing that there was no way he could get a dispensation, impelled by the spirit of temptation, his feet slipped. But when he had only gone a short distance, he came across a young man who asked him where he was going. He replied to him angrily: "What do you care about my business?" Then the young man bared his chest and extended his hands, on which there were wounds that only recently had shed a good deal of blood, and said to him: "You are reopening my wounds, you are crucifying me a second time." Terrified by what he saw, the brother threw himself at his feet, tearfully begging his forgiveness. But as soon as this was disclosed to him, the young man disappeared from sight. Then he went back to Saint Francis and recounted what he had seen. And he remained devotedly in the Order for the rest of his life.b


Donation of La Verna (1274)

This document, once deposited in the archives of Borgo San Sepulchro, is a deed giving the mountain of La Verna for the use of the Lesser Brothers by




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 801