Chronicles - The Prophet - 831 

His brothers had a little house in Riccardina, outside of Bologna, given to them by Signore Accursio Magno, who composed a new Gloss in five volumes on all of civil law.

Many, both noble and ignoble, clerics and laymen, rejecting the pomp of the world, followed this blessed Francis by adhering to his footsteps. Their holy Father taught them how to attain evangelical perfection, to embrace poverty, and to travel the road of holy simplicity. Besides, for himself and for his present and future brothers he wrote a Rule based on the Gospel, which the Lord Pope Innocent III confirmed.

After he had been weakened by a long illness and had reached the end of his life, he had himself placed on the bare ground. Then calling his brothers together, he placed his hand on each of them and, after this, he likewise blessed them. Then, in imitation of the Lord's Supper he gave a morsel of bread to each one and, as was his custom, he invited all creatures to praise God. Finally, he ran joyfully to meet death itself and invited it to make its lodging with him, saying: "Welcome, my Sister Death!"a She therefore came at that final hour and he fell asleep in the Lord on October 4th, in that same year 1226.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 831