A Liturgical Legend in the Tradition of the Friars Preacher - 835 

Lesson VI

When he once in a certain field preached words of encouragement with his affable naturalness to a flock of birds, they immediately resounded with their melodies the praise of the Creator, their tongues stretched out and their necks extended toward him. And as he walked through their midst, they touched him with their beaks as if to plant kisses. He likewise imposed silence on some chattering swallows while he was preaching; they immediately fell silent until the preaching was concluded. In a certain hermitage a man in the likeness of a Seraph appeared to him as if affixed to the gibbet of a cross; the figure imprinted on his hands and feet scars like the marks of nails. And in his right side there appeared the scar of the covered wound as if pierced by a lance.

Lesson VII

So in the twentieth year of his conversion, when he was aware through divine revelation that his end was near, he announced his imminent death to two brothers. Breaking into the psalm With a loud voice I cry out to the Lord, in sackcloth and sprinkled with ashes at his own request, he forgave the brothers both present and absent their offenses. And thus that holiest of souls was released from the flesh; one of the brothers saw it penetrating the recesses of heaven with the prominence of the moon and not a little of the brilliance of the sun. His sacred body was buried with great respect in the oratory of blessed George alongside the walls of Assisi.

Lesson VIII

In the limbs of the deceased, which shone with more brilliance than usual, the imprints of the cross were unveiled. Previously he kept them hidden in his guarded breast. From the imprint of the saving cross, there arose innumerable healthful favors, of which I will state only a few, so that the attention of the audience may not be overburdened. A certain youth lay near death, but recovered with marvelous speed at his mother's prayer. A man troubled by an unclean spirit was freed when he touched his tomb. A woman who had lost her mind was suddenly cured when she received the sign of the cross from him in a vision. A blind man recovered his sight when he touched his tomb.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 835