A Life of Saint Francis by an Anonymous Monk of a German Monastery - 871 

He Is Buried

96 Amid hymns and the sound of trumpets and with the people and clergy carrying olive branches and countless lamps the body was carried to the cloister of Saint Clare. There it was shown to her and to her sisters to be viewed and kissed. Then, brought to the Church, it was buried there with the greatest veneration. The most holy Father Francis died on Sunday, the fourth Nones of October, in the year one thousand twelve hundred and twenty-six. He had completed twenty years since his conversion.

XXXI: Famous by His Miracles

97 At his tomb new miracles were daily multiplied and by his merits very many people were freed from various misfortunes. Blessed Francis, whether he was still living in the flesh or after his death, was famous for so many and such great signs of miracles, that to set them forth fully would demand a much larger work. For besides other innumerable miracles he also marvelously raised many who had died. Even if I am not certain about many of these miracles, nevertheless I am not at present indicating a number, except that we have accepted eleven from trustworthy men, aside from other miracles, knowledge of which has not reached us. For what would he not be able to obtain from the Lord, who exhibits in his hands, feet, and side the sacred wounds, and who became like Him in his death in the fellowship of His sufferings!

The Lord Pope Visits His Tomb

98 When the Supreme Pontiff Pope Gregory IX, who had already succeeded Honorius, and who had known Saint Francis most familiarly and, with a remarkable esteem, nurtured him as it were in his bosom, heard about these happenings, he rejoiced exultantly and hastened to Assisi and reverently paid his respects at the tomb of the holy father. After a solemn meeting with the Cardinals and other prelates of the Church was called together and his miracles were approved, he added the holy Francis's name to the catalogue of the saints with the greatest solemnity and to the great joy of all. In addition he set up and ordered that his feast day be solemnly celebrated universally throughout the whole Church on the day of his passing to heaven, that is, on the fourth Nones of October.

To the praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Life of Francis, the Confessor




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 871