A Life of Saint Francis by an Anonymous Monk of a German Monastery - 870 

Benevento where he was lodging, when blessed Francis appeared to him in a vision at night and said: "See, my father, I am leaving the world and going to Christ." When he arose in the morning, he was flowing with tears because he had lost such a unique father. Then he told his companions what he had seen, had the time and the hour noted. When he returned home, he found that the holy father had died just as he had indicated.

XXX: The Concourse of People

93 Then a whole crowd of people came together praising God Who had entrusted to them so precious a remnant in the body of the holy father. Still his sons, bereft of so great a father, wept and, from the depths of the heart, produced rivulets of tears. But the joy from the newness of an unheard-of miracle lightened the pain of their sorrow. For they had never read about nor did they ever imagine what was now being presented to their eyes, and they could not have been persuaded to believe if it were not demonstrated by such clear evidence. For the form of the passion of Christ emerged in him, while he appeared as though he had just been taken down from the cross.

His Flesh Appears Dazzling White

94 They saw his face like the face of an angel, not as if he were dead. They saw his skin, worn out by much hard labor which had been black before and pallid, now shining white and in its beauty promising the glory of the splendor to come. His muscles were not taut like those of the dead; his skin was not hard; his limbs were not rigid, but, because they were soft and delicate as in childhood innocence, they were moved as if flexible.

The Stigmata Are Seen

95 In that glow of his skin, it was more delightful to see in the middle of his hands and feet not the holes of the nails, but the nails themselves formed by his flesh, and thrust through the middle of the hands and feet, and his right side pierced as if with a lance and red with blood. Anyone would rejoice that the greatest favor was shown to him if he could approach to see or kiss the sacred marks of Christ, which Saint Francis was exhibiting in his body. For who would be so dull-witted or stupid that by this obvious truth he would not understand that just as this holy man has been honored by a unique miracle on earth, so also he has been raised on high in heaven to an eminent glory?




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 870