A Life of Saint Francis by an Anonymous Monk of a German Monastery - 869 

His Farewell to His Brothers

88 With words of consolation, he exhorted the brothers to the love of God with fatherly affection; he also spoke at length about patience, poverty, and fraternal charity, and placing the Gospel ahead of other observances. He then said: "Good bye, all you my sons, live in the fear of God and remain in it always, preparing yourselves for the daily approach of trials and tribulations. Happy will they be who persevere in the things they have begun well, for future scandals will separate some from these things."

He Passes to the Lord

89 And so, many brothers gathered, for whom he was both father and leader, and with tears and many lamentations they awaited the departure of the holy father, and, with all the mysteries of the sacraments of Christ fulfilled in him, that most holy soul, released from the flesh, happily rose straight to heaven. And, as his soul was absorbed into the abyss of light, his body fell asleep in the Lord.

His Soul Is Seen Ascending into Heaven

90 One of his brothers and disciples, a man of some fame, but more celebrated before God for his sanctity, whose name he does not wish to be set down here because he does not wish to glory among people in such fame, saw the soul of the most holy father Francis rise straight to heaven, glittering with remarkable splendor and carried up upon a brilliant white cloud, conducted with hymns by choruses of saints and angels to the realms above.

Brother Augustine Goes to Heaven with Francis

91 At that time the minister of the brothers in Terra di Lavoro, Brother Augustine, was also in the last hour of his life. Although he had already lost his speech, he suddenly cried out in the hearing of those who were standing by and said: "Wait for me; Father, wait! Look, I'm coming with you!" The amazed brothers asked him to whom he was speaking. He responded boldly: "Don't you see our father Francis going to heaven?" And immediately his holy soul, released from the flesh, followed the most holy father into heaven. Noting the hour and the day, they found that Saint Francis had passed from this world at the same time and hour.

He Says Farewell to the Bishop of Assisi

92 At that time the Bishop of Assisi had been to the Church of Saint Michael in Apulia because of a pilgrimage. He was returning to




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 869