A Life of Saint Francis by an Anonymous Monk of a German Monastery - 867 

appealing to anyone in a desire for vainglory. And so, he very zealously kept this hidden from all, so that even his closest brothers and companions did not know about it for a long time. For he shrewdly covered his feet with woolen socks and his hands with his sleeves.

The Mystery of the Stigmata in Francis

81 What God wished to demonstrate by such a prodigy as this, with which none of the saints before him appeared to be marked and by which he is most expressly likened to the crucified Son of God, has not yet been clearly made known, but it was partly revealed to a particular person by Saint Francis himself that this mystery draws its understanding from the future. For we believe that Christ wished to show how he loved Francis in a special way, or how perfectly Francis followed Christ's ways to sanctity or how deeply was the image of Christ's Passion imprinted on his heart by the pen of Christ's love, or perhaps how properly it represents Christ who is again to be crucified mystically in his members by the faithless in these last times according to this passage of the Apostle to the Galatians: before whose eyes Jesus Christ has been depicted crucified in you? For whatever is now referred to the members of Christ, is considered imputed to Christ according to what Matthew says: What you have done for one of my least ones, you did it for me. Hence, even in those he is depicted and crucified by the ungodly even if while hating them in their heart, they follow their words and deeds.

Concealing of Secrets

82 It was the custom of the holy father not to reveal his great secrets to anyone, for he feared that by such a revelation some damage would befall the grace given to him. For he is not perfect who does not possess intrinsically within himself gifts of virtue and grace which are more perfect than what can from appearance be judged by all. Therefore, he most carefully hid very many revelations and visions made to him by God besides frequent consoling words from saints and angels, since they scarcely came to the knowledge of very few people. He was accustomed always to do this with all his singular gifts of virtue.

XXVIII: He Experiences More Sickness

83 During this same period his body began to be afflicted by different kinds of illnesses, as though he had not yet filled up in his flesh




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 867