A Life of Saint Francis by an Anonymous Monk of a German Monastery - 863 

XXIII: [He Knows Secret Things]

68 Although because of the pain in his eyes Francis's eyesight was weak toward the end of his life, nevertheless by means of a prophetical illumination he was clear-sighted interiorly so that he manifestly knew by revelation of the Holy Spirit not only the things which pertain to the knowledge of God and of himself, but even secrets of the hearts of others and the nature of future events.

His Knowledge of Hidden Things

69 How often he knew by revelation from the Spirit the deeds of absent people and opened up the hidden from view! How many he warned in their dreams, ordering what they should do, or forbidding things to be avoided! The future evil deeds of how many people did he predict, the presence of which were seen somehow or other in good appearances! And so foreseeing the end of evil people, he announced the future grace of salvation for them.


70 One time he spoke prophetically to his brothers about Brother Bernard who, after him, was the second brother in the Order: "I tell you, Brother Bernard has been given the most cunning devils to test him, the worst of among all the other evil spirits. He will be troubled and harassed, but in the end he will triumph over all. Finally, with every temptation overcome, he will enjoy wonderful tranquility and peace. The race finished, he will pass happily to Christ." Everything that Saint Francis had predicted was fulfilled. Even his death was lit up with miracles.

Francis Reads Thoughts

71 Another time the holy father Francis was tired from a journey, and, quite weak, was riding on a donkey. As a traveling companion he had Brother Leonard, a nobleman from Assisi. And since this brother was accompanying the holy father on foot, he became quite tired. Thinking in human terms and moved to impatience by his distress, he began to murmur to himself: "His parents and mine did not socialize as equals, and here he is riding, while I am on foot leading this donkey." While Leonard was thinking about this, Saint Francis immediately got off and said to the companion thinking such things: "It is not right that I should ride while you accompany me on foot, for in the world you were more noble and influential than I." The brother was completely astonished and overcome with




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 863