A Life of Saint Francis by an Anonymous Monk of a German Monastery - 841 

done this not only at that time, but also many times for other poor people.

He Prophesies Concerning Himself

3 Along with a good number of his fellow citizens, he was once captured in a conflict with the Perugians. While all his fellow captives were grieving, he was exultant, and when they wondered about the reason for his joy, he prophetically answered in this way: "I will yet be worshiped as a saint throughout the world." Divine grace, wishing to draw him to itself more fully, first through infirmity of body, then through revelations shown to him from heaven and through divinely infused experiences of internal sweetness, rendered the world entirely insipid for him and made him aspire from his inmost being for things eternal.

He Greets a Leper with a Kiss

4 When he was beginning to be victorious over himself and in order that he might give himself up totally to divine service, one day he met a filthy leper on a road. He jumped down from the horse on which he was sitting, offered money to the leper and kissed his hand, even though earlier there was hardly anything in the world which he abhorred more than lepers. He then immediately mounted his horse and looked around, but the leper was nowhere evident on the wide field. This is just like what blessed Gregory has reported as happening to a monk, named Martyrio, who carried Christ on his shoulders, in the appearance of a leper, and when he wanted to detain the leper, he suddenly disappeared.a Therefore, Francis, the servant of God, wondering at what had been done, began thereafter to be so devoted to lepers that, finally renouncing the world, he sought them out and washed and cleaned the filth of their sores.

II: The Crucified Speaks to Him

5 He would often frequent out-of-the-way places for the purpose of praying. One day he was devoutly prostrate before the crucifix in the church of San Damiano when he heard the voice of Christ speaking bodily to him from the very image of the Crucified: "Francis, go, repair my home which, as you see, is totally falling into




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 841