A Life of Saint Francis by an Anonymous Monk of a German Monastery - 840 

  1. The vision of the Seraphim and the appearance of the wounds of Christ in him, and how he cautiously hid his
  2. He begins to grow more ill and wished to begin to serve God He receives a promise of eternal life from God. He invites all creatures, and even death, to the praise of God.
  3. As he approaches death, he blesses his brothers, is placed upon a hair cloth, bids his brothers farewell, passes over to heaven, and his soul is seen ascending to The Minister of Terra di Lavoro passed on with him. He bids farewell to the Bishop of Assisi in a dream.

XXX After his death the stigmata of Christ are seen in his body. His body appears more white and the limbs flexible. He is shown to Saint Clare and her sisters, and is buried in the church.

XXXI. He shines in many miracles. He raises eleven who had died. The Lord Pope visits his tomb. He is canonized. His feast is ordered to be celebrated on the day of his death.

The Life of Saint Francis, the Confessor

I: His birth and His Youth

1Blessed Francis, the first founder and father of the Order of Lesser Brothers, was born in the city of Assisi in the province of Tuscany. Although he had been raised by his parents to a great degree according to the vanity and arrogance of the age, nevertheless as a young man, he was very refined with good manners, kind, free, humane, affable, removing from himself whatever seemed to him in some manner offensive; he was generous toward the poor, and always devout toward the ministers of God and their ministries.

He Clothes a Poor Man

2One day he met a poor half-naked knight. He felt compassion not only for his need but also for his shame. Shedding the finely made clothes he was wearing, he generously gave them to him for the sake of Christ, happy to imitate the example of blessed Martin who clothed a poor man with a part of his cloak. He is known to have




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 840