A Life of Saint Francis by an Anonymous Monk of a German Monastery - 839 

between his flesh and his spirit; and when he is or is not a servant of God.

  1. His toil in preaching and the people's devotion towards
  2. His manner of preaching and his understanding of the Sacred
  3. His devotion towards the Incarnation and Passion of Christ, and how he divided his time; his desire for martyrdom, and his voyage to the non-believers and to the Sultan.
  4. On preserving the faith and reverence for priests and preserving peace with clerics, and how he pleased the Bishop of Imola by his
  5. How he wished the Order to be uniform and why the directors of the Order are so
  6. He commits the Order to the Church of Rome, and about the Cardinal set over the
  7. A few of his deeds are presented here; the obedience of creatures; he preaches to the birds and orders the swallows to be
  8. He brings water from a rock and does not feel the heat of a red-hot
  9. He cured the cleric Gedeon; many were cured through the bread he blessed and through things that he touched; he changed water into wine, and commanded the
  10. By the spirit of prophecy he knew future things, things far away and the secrets of hearts. He predicted the future about Brother Bernard. He understood in spirit the thoughts of Brothers Leonardo and
  11. He predicted the outcome of the war at He foresaw the Lord of Ostia as the future Pope.
  12. A description of this man, and how he conformed himself usefully to
  13. The opening of the book of the Gospel, in which the Passion of the Lord first met his




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 839