A Life of Saint Francis by an Anonymous Monk of a German Monastery - 838 

h4>Chapter headings.
  1. The birth of Saint Francis and his character while yet living in the world; how the world began to become insipid for him and how a leper whom he greeted with a kiss immediately
  2. Christ speaks to him from the image on the Cross, and how he decided to sell all his possessions and follow Christ; how he gave back everything to his father, retaining for himself nothing of the
  3. How he repaired three churches and how he estab- lished the form and habit of the Order, brought together the first six brothers, and how a revelation was made to him about the spread of the
  4. He asks the Lord Pope to confirm a written Rule; the vision which the Lord Pope saw; and how he is told by God to live among people for their
  5. He preaches everywhere and sets up three
  6. His soul is seen in a fiery chariot by his brothers; how he is affected by the love of God, and how meat appeared to be fish to the people. How he often was caught up above himself in
  7. How many terrors of demons he overcame and a vision of the throne reserved for him in
  8. His humility and how, as a subject, he wished to obey his
  9. His desire and striving for poverty and mendicancy; what the brothers and the world owe to each other, and how his Order will remain firm until the end of the
  10. His compassion for other poor people and for the sick, and even for brute
  11. The accursed sow: neither bird nor beast wanted to touch its dead
  12. How he severely chastised his body; how his spirit was ready, and that all time must be usefully
  13. How he repressed the emotions of the flesh; concern- ing the saints’ battle against temptation; how the devil urged him not to wear himself out; about the harmony




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 838