Liturgical Texts for the Feast of the Stigmata of Saint Francis - 670 

  1. The wondrous wounds of Francis
    Christ made, not him,
    the One who perfected the heart of Francis
    with His love.
  1. Francis often kept vigil
    to contemplate Jesus,
    while contemplating
    glowing red with that
    sign that must be revered.
  1. Francis rejoiced in God
    in the furnace of love,
    Jesus made Him like Himself
    in a true likeness.
  1. Francis fluent in devout praises
    of the Redeemer
    shines with His stigmata,
    made by the force of love.

Benedictus Antiphon

Francis, Father of the poor,
the glory of obedience,
prophet of things most high,
is marked with the likeness of the
Cross and wounds of Christ,
a tested athlete of the Cross.

Second Vespers:

Magnificat Antiphon

Francis, standard-bearer of Christ
by merciful handiwork,
cross-bearer, give to Jesus, whom you loved,
the prayers of the cross,
through that outstanding martyrdom
of which you were held worthy.




Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 670