A Mirror of the Perfection (The Sabatier Edition, 1928) - 354 

punishment and disgrace, will cause you to rise up against each other. You will be torn apart by sedition and civil war, suffering by far a greater calamity than your neighbors could ever inflict on you."

As a matter of fact, when he preached blessed Francis was never silent about people's vices, but rebuked all publicly and boldly. The Lord had given him such grace, that everyone who saw or heard him, no matter of what rank or condition, feared and revered him because he had such an abundance of grace from God. As a result, no matter how much he reprimanded them, they were always edified by his words and they would either turn to the Lord or would repent inwardly.

A few days later, by divine consent, a scandal broke out between the knights and the people. The people drove the knights out of the city. The knights, supported by the Church, destroyed many of their fields, vineyards and trees, doing as much harm to them as they could. The people likewise destroyed all the property of the knights. And so, according to the word of Saint Francis, the people and the knights were punished.


There was a certain brother, a very spiritual man, who was close to blessed Francis, and who for many days suffered the most severe suggestions of the devil, so that he was almost cast into the depths of despair. He was tormented daily so much that he was ashamed to confess so frequently. And, because of this, he afflicted himself with fasting, with vigils, with tears, and with beatings.

It happened by divine guidance that blessed Francis came to that place. One day that brother was walking with blessed Francis who, through the Holy Spirit, knew his difficulties and temptation. As he withdrew a short distance from the other brother who was walking with him, he walked with the one being tempted. And he said to him: "My dearest brother, from now on I want you not to be bound to confess these suggestions of the devil. Don't be afraid, because they have not harmed your soul. But, I give you my permission just to say seven Our Father's as often as you are troubled by these."

And that brother was exceedingly overjoyed at what he said to him, that he was not bound to confess those things, since he was very worried about this. Nevertheless, he was greatly amazed that blessed Francis knew about this since only the priests to whom he had confessed knew.




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