A Mirror of the Perfection (The Sabatier Edition, 1928) - 353 

can restore your loss completely. Tell me, how many measures of wine did you get when your vineyard was at its best?"

"Thirteen measures, father," the priest responded.

"Do not be sad over this any more," blessed Francis told him, "and do not say anything offensive to anyone because of this. Trust the Lord and my words, and if you get less than twenty measures of wine, I will make it up to you."

From then on, the priest calmed down and kept quiet. And, by divine dispensation, he obtained at the time of vintage twenty measures of wine from that vineyard and no less. Those who heard about it, as well as the priest himself, were amazed, realizing that even if it had been full of grapes, it would be impossible for it to produce twenty measures of wine.

We who were with him bear witness about this and about everything he foretold, that it always happened exactly according to his word.


When blessed Francis was preaching in the piazza at Perugia to a large crowd gathered there, all of a sudden some knights of Perugia began racing their horses around the piazza, jousting with their weapons, and thus disturbing the preaching. Although those who were there protested, they still did not stop. Blessed Francis turned to them therefore, and, with a fiery spirit, said: "Listen and understand what the Lord is telling you through me, His little servant, and don't say, 'This one is from Assisi!' " He said this because there was and is a long-standing enmity between the people of Perugia and those of Assisi.a

"The Lord has exalted you above all your neighbors," he said. "Because of this, you must acknowledge your Creator all the more, and humble yourselves not only before God but also before your neighbors. But your heart is puffed-up by arrogance and you attack your neighbors and have killed many of them. Because of this I tell you, unless you quickly turn to God and compensate those whom you have injured, the Lord, who leaves nothing unavenged, to your greater




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