A Mirror of the Perfection (The Sabatier Edition, 1928) - 348 

Sitting down, he began to meditate a short while, and then he said: "Most High, all-powerful, good Lord." He composed a melody for these words and taught it to his companions so they could recite and sing it. For his spirit was then in such sweetness and consolation, that he wanted to send for Brother Pacifico, who in the world was called "The King of Verses," and was a very courtly master of singers. He wanted to give him a few good and spiritual brothers who, together with him, would go through the world preaching and singing the Praises of the Lord.

He said that he wanted that one among them who best knew how to preach, to preach first to the people and, after the sermon, all were to sing together the Praises of the Lord as minstrels of the Lord. After the praises, he wanted the preacher to tell the people: "We are minstrels of the Lord, and this is what we want as payment: that you live in true penance."

And he said: "What are the servants of God if not His minstrels, who must lift people's hearts and move them up to spiritual joy?" And he said this especially to the Lesser Brothers, who have been given to the people of God for their salvation.




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