A Mirror of the Perfection (The Sabatier Edition, 1928) - 328 

arise. Nevertheless, after he was comforted by the Lord in this way, he remembered that [passage] of the psalm: "I have sworn and determined to keep the justice of the Lord and to observe the Rule that the Lord Himself gave to me and to those who desire to imitate me. All these brothers have also bound themselves to this as I have. And therefore, after I resigned the office among the brothers because of my illnesses and other reasonable causes, I am not bound at all except to pray for the religion and to show good example. For I have this from the Lord and know in truth that if my illness had not excused me, the greater help I can render to the religion is to spend time everyday in prayer to the Lord for it, that He govern, preserve, and protect it. For I have bound myself to the Lord and to the brothers in this, that if any one of the brothers perishes because of my bad example, I want to be held to render an account Mt 12:36 to the Lord for him."

He used to say these words to himself to quiet his heart and more often, in addresses and in chapters, he explained them to the brothers. And even though, if from time to time a brother would tell him that he should occasionally put himself forward in the governance of the Order, he used to reply: "The brothers have their Rule and have sworn to observe it. And so that they have no excuse on my account after it pleased the Lord to decide that I would be their prelate, I also swore to it in their presence to observe it as well. So, since the brothers already know what they should do and what to avoid, the only thing left for me to do is to teach them by actions, because this is why I have been given to them during my life and after my death."


As long as he lived, more than for other places in the Order, he always had singular zeal and extraordinary attentiveness to preserve every perfection of life and manner of living in the holy place of Saint Mary of the Angels, as the head and mother of the entire religion. He intended and wanted this place more than all places to be the form and example of humility, poverty, and of all gospel perfection. He wanted all the brothers living there always to be, more than the other brothers, solicitous and cautious in all things to be done and to be avoided in view of the perfect observance of the Rule.




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