A Mirror of the Perfection (The Lemmons Edition, 1901) - 238 

the first place of the brothers, such and such buildings are built, so we can certainly build in our own places.' "


One of the brothers, a spiritual man, to whom blessed Francis was very close, was staying in a hermitage. Considering that if blessed Francis came there at some time he would not have a suitable place to stay, he had a little cell built in a remote place near the place of the brothers, where blessed Francis could pray when he came. After a few days, it happened that blessed Francis came. When the brother led him to see it, blessed Francis said to him: "This little cell seems too beautiful to me. If you want me to stay in it for a few days, have it covered inside and out with ferns and tree-branches."

That little cell was not made of stonework but of wood, but because the wood was planed, made with hatchet and axe, it seemed too beautiful to blessed Francis. The brother immediately had it changed as blessed Francis had requested.

For the more the houses and cells of the brothers were poor and religious, the more willingly he would see them and sometimes be received as a guest there.

And so, through God's example, he did not want to have a house or cell in this world, nor did he have one built for himself. Moreover, if he ever happened to say to the brothers: "Prepare this cell this way," he would refuse afterwards to stay in it, because of that saying of the holy Gospel: "Do not be concerned."


Once when he was in Siena for treatment of the disease of his eyes, he was staying in a cell, where after his death a chapel was built out of reverence for him. Lord Bonaventure, who had donated to the brothers the land where the brothers' place had been built, said to him: "What do you think of this place?" Blessed Francis answered him: "Do you want me to tell you how the places of the brothers should be built?" "I wish you would, Father," he answered.

And he told him: "When the brothers go to any city where they do not have a place, and they find someone who wants to give them enough land to build a place, have a garden, and whatever is necessary for them, they must first consider how much land is enough for them, always considering the holy poverty we have promised, and the good example we are bound to offer to others."




Speculum Perfectionis (minus), Fontes Franciscani, p. 1794-1797

qui est primus locus fratrum, talia et tanta edificantur edificia, bene possumus edificare in locis nostris" ».


1Quidam frater, spiritualis homo, cui nimis erat familiaris beatus Franciscus, manebat in quodam eremitorio, 2et considerans, quod, si aliquando illuc veniret beatus Franciscus, non haberet aptum locum ad manendum, fecit fieri in quodam loco remoto prope locum fratrum quandam cellulam, ubi posset orare, dum veniret. 3Et factum est, non post multos dies advenit beatus Franciscus ; 4cumque duceretur a fratre illo ad videndum eam, dixit ei beatus Franciscus: « Nimis michi pulchra videtur cellula ista; 5si vis, ut maneam in ipsa per aliquot dies, facias fieri quoddam vestimentum interius et exterius de filicibus et ramis arborum ».

6Erat enim cellula illa non murata, sed de lignis facta; 7sed quia ligna erant plana, facta cum securi et dolabro, videbatur beato Francisco nimis pulchra. 8Et statim frater ille cepit ipsam aptare, sicut dixerat beatus Franciscus.

9Nam quanto plus essent paupercule et religiose cellule et domus fratrum, tanto magis libenter eas videbat [et] aliquando ibi hospitabatur.

10Immo exemplo Dei nec cellam nec domum voluit habere in hoc seculo, nec pro se fieri fecit. 11Immo, si contingeret, quod aliquando diceret fratribus: « Ite, aptate cellam istam », nolebat postea in ea permanere propter illud verbum Evangelii: « Nolite solliciti esse » etc.


1Unde quodam tempore, cum esset apud Senas pro infirmitate oculorum et maneret in cella, ubi post mortem eius oratorium fuit edificatum pro ipsius reverentia, dixit ad eum dominus Bonaventura, qui terram dederat fratribus, ubi locus fratrum fuit edificatus: « Quid tibi videtur de loco isto, frater? ». 2Respondit ei beatus Franciscus: « Vis ut dicam tibi, quomodo loca fratrum debent edificari? ». Respondit ei: « Pater, volo ».

3Et ait ei: « Cum fratres vadunt ad aliquam civitatem, ubi locum non habent, et inveniunt aliquem, qui vult dare terram eis, ubi locum edificare valeant et habere hortum et que necessaria sunt eis, ipsi primo debent considerare quanta terra sufficiat eis, 4semper considerantes sanctam paupertatem, quam. promisimus, et bonum exemplum, quod tenemur aliis in omnibus exhibere ».

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 238