A Mirror of the Perfection (The Lemmons Edition, 1901) - 214 

A Mirror of the Perfection, Rule, Profession,
Life and True Calling of a Lesser Brother

(The Lemmens Edition)

In the name of the Lord begins the Mirror of the perfection,a Rule, profession, life, and calling of a true Lesser Brother according to the will of Christ and the intention of blessed Francis. It was composed from what was recounted in the writings of Brother Leo, a companion of blessed Francis, and of his other companions, which are not in the common Legend. In this mirror the perfection of the life of blessed Francis in some way also shines.


Blessed Francis held that to beg for alms for the love of the Lord God was of the greatest nobility, dignity, and courtesy before God and before this world, because everything that the heavenly Father has created for a human's use, after the sin, He has given freely, as alms, both to the worthy and the unworthy out of the love of His beloved Son.

Therefore, blessed Francis would say that a servant of God must beg alms for the love of God with greater freedom and joy than someone, who, out of courtesy and generosity, wants to buy something, and goes around saying: "Whoever will give me a penny, I will give him a hundred silver pieces, no, a thousand times more." Because a servant of God offers the love of the Lord which a person merits




Speculum Perfectionis (minus), Fontes Franciscani, p. 1745-1746

In nomine Domini incipit Speculum perfectionis, regule et professionis, vite et vocationis veri fratris minoris secundum voluntatem Christi et intentionem beati Francisci; compositum ex quibusdam repertis in scriptis sancti fratris Leonis, socii beati Francisci, et aliorum sociorum eius, que non sunt in Legenda communi. In quo speculo relucet etiam aliqualiter perfectio vite beati Francisci.


1Beatus Franciscus pro maxima nobilitate, dignitate et curialitate secundum Deum et secundum seculum istud habebat petere helemosinas amore Dei Domini 2quoniam omnia, que Pater celestis pro utilitate hominis creavit propter amorem dilecti Filii, dignis et indignis gratis pro helemosina concessa sunt post peccatum.

3Unde dicebat beatus Franciscus: « Magis libere et cum ilaritate servus Dei helemosinas amore Dei petere debet, quam ille qui pro sua curialitate et largitate, cum vellet aliquid emere, iret dicendo: 4« Quicumque dabit talem michi nummatam, dabo sibi .C. marcas argenti, immo milies plus », 5quoniam servus Dei offert amorem Domini, quem meretur homo,

Francis of Assisi: Early Documents, vol. 3, p. 214